water filter systems

Which water technology for what purpose?

Always the right water quality

evo-water - Your partner for water processing - always ensures the right water quality and offers the perfect water technology for every area of use.

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Area of use Problems Water technology

Dishwashers, glassware, cutlery

frequent malfunctioning of dishwashers, costly servicing and repairs, high operating costs, for example; detergent, rinse aids, manual employment in repolishing, limescale, blocked nozzles

evo-water clean   

Completely demineralised water

Electric kettles, boilers, steam irons, washing machines Electrical appliances fur up, furred up heating elements, high energy costs

evo-water clean 

Partially demineralised water

System protection and economic efficiency of appliances and machines 

Limescale, blocked nozzles, narrowing of pipes

evo-water soft

Water softening unit, reverse osmosis systems

Coffee machines, tea makers, ice cube makers, steam cookers, combination ovens, baking ovens

Furring up of automatic cooking appliances, coffee or tea makers, bad cooking results, distorted taste

evo-water fresh

Partial demineralisation with silver active carbon