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Water processing - expert know-how

Water - an exceptional element

Rainwater is always soft water. Only after it has seeped down through various earth and stone layers does it take on different quantities of hardening components, according to the geological consistence of the layers it passes through. These hardening components are primarily calcium and magnesium. These are the cause of problematic lime residue. This hard water causes substantial problems not only in the home but also in the commercial sector.

In many areas of use such as in hospitals and hotels, in the gastronomy trade, for butchers, launderies and also in the pharmaceutical industry, soft water is indispensable.

Everyone knows the traces that hard water leaves in the home: unsightly smears and limescale deposits in the kitchen and bathroom, furred up household appliances such as coffee machines and steam irons.

evo-water water processing products always ensure the right water quality!

Appliances live longer

A long operational life is already a guarantee with the simplest pure water system from evo-water: evo-water soft. Calcium and magnesium ions which are the cause of limescale are hereby removed from the untreated water. No furring up of appliances, less servicing and repairs.

Cleanliness and shine

evo-water clean offers system protection, clean glasses, tableware and cutlery by means of partial and complete demineralisation as well as the reverse osmosis process. Both processes remove nearly all minerals and salts from the water and thereby guarantee flawless washing.



evo-water clean saves money on detergents and rinse aids.
The pure water is also suitable for steam irons.

Partial or completel demineralisation with evo-water clean:   
smearless washing + system protection (for quantities < 100 l/day)

Reverse osmosis with  evo-water clean:
smearless washing + system protection (for quantities > 100 l/day)

Sustainable drinking water

System protection with taste or taste with system is what is offered by decarbonising water with evo-water fresh. By means of silver active carbon, all undesirable substances (eg. chlorine) are removed, the pH-value is corrected and bacteria are killed.

Mineral preservation With evo-water fresh  valuable minerals and trace elements in food and drink can unfold their full properties and effect.
Aroma guarantee The exactly defined quality of drinking water is suitable for all vending machines, ice-cube makers and convection ovens.
Limescale protection evo-water fresh guarantees full aroma and rounds off the taste of coffee and tea, pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables and salad. At the same time evo-water fresh offers protection against furring up during use in all appliances and machines.