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Reverse osmosis units - Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis

Area of application:
In the commercial dishwashing sector, particularly those with middle or high demands (>100l per day).

Process of evo-water reverse osmosis:
In the process of reverse osmosis, impure water is pressed through a synthetic, semipermeable reverse osmosis membrane by means of a pump. Water molecules pass through, impurities do not. Pure water collects on one side of the membrane and on the other side the contaminating substances are channelled into the drain or removed via the drain by automatic backwash.


Process of evo-water compact-osmosis:
Compact-osmosis is a combination product of water softening unit and reverse osmosis.
Incoming water of whatever degree of hardness is first channelled through the integrated water softening unit in order to remove the majority of its negative substances. The softened water is then lead through an active carbon fine filter (5µ). Here all organic substances as well as impurities are removed from the water. Finally the water is pressed onto membranes by means of a booster pump and pure water and concentrate are separated from each other.

Advantages of evo-water compact-osmosis:

  • higher hourly output
  • higher permeate output
  • minimum 4 x longer membrane operational life
  • minimium 4 x longer pump/motor operational life
  • installation option with pullout

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