water filter systems

Replacement of water filters

At evo-water you receive first class, fast regeneration of all types of water filters!

Depleted cartridges

After a certain amount of waterflow, the surface of the exchange material (resin) becomes covered with calcium and magnesium ions instead of natrium ions. Further exchange cannot take place. The exchange material is exhausted.

Replacement and regeneration

Whether partial demineralisation, complete demineralisation or demineralisation with active carbon, evo-water receives all types of water filter cartridge for regeneration. Reprocessing takes place in our own company regeneration station. In this way we can guarantee first class, constant quality of exchange material.
You will promptly receive a replacement cartridge from us.

And that at a sensational price!

Replacing cartridges

Cartridges are replaced with a few turns of the hand and completely without use of tools!

Take the opportunity and contact us immediately!