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Partial demineralisation with active carbon

Decarbonisation in the food sector

Partial demineralisation with silver active carbon

Area of application:
In the food sector, i.e.: everywhere where water is used in the preparation of food and drink, evo-water fresh comes into use: in coffee machines, vending machines, combi-ovens and ice-cube makers. For this purpose the water is partially demineralised and treated with silver active carbon.

Composition of evo-water partial demineralisation cartridges with active carbon 
 evo-water partial demineralisation cartridges are plastic cartridges filled with a resin compound.
The cartridge is installed between the raw water supply and the end user.
When total filtration capacity is reached, the resin content of the cartridge is regenerated by evo-water.

Process and function 
The resin exchanges the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, which are bound to the carbonate hardness, for hydrogen ions and hereby ensures reduced carbonate hardness in the water. The silver active carbon removes undesirable negative substances from the water, e.g.: chlorine and prevents germ formation. All other minerals and trace elements are retained in the water.

Advantages of evo-water partial demineralisation with silver active carbon 

  • all coffee and tea specialities unfold their full aroma and typical taste
  • no furring up of water conducting parts, e.g.: valves, nozzles or boiler
  • better energy efficiency
  • cost savings on servicing and replacement parts
  • preservation of natural colour in cooked vegetables
  • optimal unfolding of taste and aroma substances
  • no disturbing limescale film on the glass front, in the cooking interior or in the boiler

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