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evosoda dispensing equipment

Water and other resources of the planet are the most precious goods that we humans possess. How we preserve them for our future generations depends on the actions of today. By choosing one of our mains supply water-coolers not only you are making the right choice from the ecologic point of view, you are also makinga hygienically safe and intelligently economic choice. With our mains supply water-coolers you have the convenience of a continuous, large quantity of cold, still and sparkling water at your finger-tips without harming the envirnoment.

evosoda dispensing equipment for drinking water - several sizes , also available as undercounter solution

evosoda dispensing equipment for drinking water - perfect for home and office



dispensing equipment      
type counter top    
evosoda 30 (with UV) 30l /h Datasheet  
evosoda 60 (with UV) 60l /h Datasheet  
evosoda 80 (with UV) 80l /h Datasheet  
type undercounter solution    
evosoda UT 30 30l /h Datasheet  
evosoda UT 60 60l /h Datasheet  
evosoda UT 80 80l /h Datasheet  
type tap    
evo Tower ( UV) 2 different kind of drinking water    
evo Head ( 3x UV) touchscreen    
evo Bridge ((m. 3x UV) 3 kind of drinking water/ tTouchscreen