water filter systems

evo-water reverse osmosis systems

Undesirable substances in drinking water can be responsible for smears, stains and a dull finish. evo-water reverse osmosis systems offer comprehensive system protection for your dishwasher's operational life. Maintenance, repair and operating costs are thereby reduced.

Radiantly clean glasses, gleaming tableware, a brilliant finish and stain-free cutlery -
evo-water reverse osmosis systems make sure of it. Repolishing? Superfluous!




Compact reverse osmosis systems
Type Capacity15°C  
UO compakt 150 150 l /hour   Data sheet Instruction manual
UO small 150 l/h 150 l /hour   Data sheet Instruction manual

UO small 150 l/h inkl. 5,5l Tank

150 l /hour   Data sheet Instruction manual
Reverse osmosis systems
Type Capacity 15° C  
Aquarent C  90l/h 90 litres/ hour     Instruction manual
Aquarent C 180l/h 180 litres / hour     Instruction manual
Aquarent U 150l/h 150 litres / hour     Instruction manual
Aquarent U 310l/h 310 litres / hour     Instruction manual
Aquarent U 450l/h 450 litres / hour     Instruction manual